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As the name implies, the AngloDeutsch™ Blog covers a variety of themes connected with Britain and Germany, however, the European Union (EU) is also an underlying blog theme.

The AngloDeutsch™ Blog aims to contribute to the policy process in Britain, Germany and the EU more generally by raising comparative economic, social and political issues and by stimulating an exchange of knowledge, views and experience between informed citizens in the two countries, as well as the EU.


The first few themes covered by the AngloDeutsch™ Blog include the following:

  • The immigration debate.
  • The Eurozone ? Greek crisis
  • The housing crisis.
  • The future of the UK in the EU.
  • Christmas traditions (since the blog is launched in December), etc.

The blog themes will evolve over time.

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  1. Kai Attwood

    Hi Ricardo,
    I stumbled across your blog via a Twitter link. We have a good deal in common (including partly Hamburg roots) – I’ll drop you a more detailed note on that when I have a bit more time.


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