Mission Statement

The mission statement of the blog is illustrated below:

The AngloDeutsch™ Blog aims to contribute to the policy process in Britain, Germany and the EU more generally by raising comparative economic, social and political issues and by stimulating an exchange of knowledge, views and experience between informed citizens in the two countries, as well as the EU.


Great Britain and Germany are similar yet different. The people of both countries respect each other, perhaps more so than any other two European nations. Of course, there are historical factors at play in the relationship which results in tension between the two countries.  They are not only divided by language, they also appear to exhibit divergent characteristics in relation to politics (e.g. European Union vs Brexit; UK Independence Party vs Alternative for Germany; Queen and country vs Republic), economy (Euro vs Sterling; Mittelstand vs financial sector), culture (Shakespeare vs Goethe; Wagner vs Elgar), housing (unaffordable and insecure vs fairly static and extremely secure), cuisine (beer and sausages vs fish and chips and curry; Jamie Oliver vs Tim Maeltzer), football (billionaire absent owners vs fan-based ownership) and too much more to mention.

The mission of the AngloDeutsch™ Blog is to illustrate the differences as well as commonalities between the „Anglo“, the „Deutsch“ thereby promoting better understanding between the two.  The media generally tends to play-up the differences between the two. While such differences undoubtedly exist, there are also major commonalities (some might argue that Britain and Germany are possibly the two European Union (EU) countries with the most in common with each other) and the two cultures, societies and economies have suffused and enriched each other immeasurably and will continue to do so in the future. In both cases, the wider EU context is of major importance, whether this is acknowledged or not.

It is easy to exaggerate and stereotype the differences, which is precisely why they tend to be emphasised. It is a much harder task to distil the common influences, while also extolling the virtues of uniqueness and diversity. In a nutshell, this is what the AngloDeutsch™ Blog aims to do, hopefully promoting better awareness, understanding, as well as policy exchange in terms of alternative ways of doing things.

The particular country focus of the AngloDeutsch™ blog is Germany and Britain, but inevitably the EU features too (hence the www.AngloDeutsch.EU blog). Brexit will not change the importance of the EU to the UK or of the UK to the EU.

There are many different areas that could be written about: history, language, culture, science, traditions, etc. However, my personal interest is the nexus between politics, economics and society, with a focus on policy analysis and recommendations. These broad themes leave plenty of scope to discuss themes as diverse as the future of the European Union during and post Brexit, the pros and cons of migration, the housing crisis, welfare reforms, the future of the EU, etc., almost all of which are first and foremost the responsibility of the respective nation states and whose approaches are often in stark contrast.


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