The AngloDeutsch™ Blog is first and foremost about Britain and Germany within the context of the EU.

The AngloDeutsch™ Blog aims to contribute to the policy process in Britain, Germany and the EU more generally by raising comparative economic, social and political issues and by stimulating an exchange of knowledge, views and experience between informed citizens in the two countries, as well as the EU.


Conflating Britain, Germany and the EU as www.AngloDeutsch.EU is not a matter of chance.

It is a reflection of the fact that the EU is very much part of Britain and Germany and the two countries lie at the core of the EU.

Almost nothing happens within the EU without the say-so of one other of these two leading European nation-states, even if Britain seems set on isolating itself from “Europe”. Their priorities influence the EU but inevitably, the EU influences them too.

Germany, Britain and the EU are at the centre of many of the contemporary debates in Europe.

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